Memorial Day Avenue of Flags

Mound Grove Cemetery, one of the loveliest cemeteries in West Central Minnesota, is the result of the generosity and vision of Alf Thompson. Mr. Thompson retained the services of renowned Horticulture expert Jane P. McKinnon, currently Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota, to design Mound Grove Cemetery. Ms. McKinnon wrote a book about the experience, entitled “A Green Hill Close By”, which is available at the Evansville Historical Foundation.

The original grounds have expanded over the years to include a Veteran’s Memorial, which is the site for Evansville’s annual Memorial Day Service. As part of the service, the local American Legion Post creates an Avenue of Flags at the entrance of the Cemetery. The line of flags surrounded by the natural beauty of the cemetery grounds is an impressive and memorable sight.

If you are interested in finding out more about Mound Grove Cemetery, you can contact the Evansville Historical Foundation Office, or Dwaine Burros at 218.770-3850.